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by Alison Willard Barker and Ann Thomas Wilkins

Thrasymachus works on his Greek.

In order to read the Greek words in this supplement to Thrasymachus, you will need the SPIonic font on your local machine.

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To type Greek words in SPIonic, once you have downloaded it, open a page in Word, change the font to SPIonic, and use the Quick Guide until you get used to the keys for the Greek characters and diacritical marks.



Introduction. Our ideas about teaching and learning Greek. The Greek alphabet. Pronunciation.

Thrasymachus Chapters I and II The article. First, second and third declensions. Uncontracted verbs, present indicative.

Thrasymachus Chapter III Contracted verbs and adjectives.

Thrasymachus Chapter IV Middle voice verbs. Third declension adjectives. Adverbs. Comparatives.

Thrasymachus Chapter V Pronouns. Neuter plurals.

Thrasymachus Chapter VI Relative pronouns.

Thrasymachus Chapter VII Present middle participle.

Thrasymachus Chapter VIII Present infinitives. Present active participles.

Thrasymachus Chapter IX Impersonal verbs.

Thrasymachus Chapter X Review.

Thrasymachus Chapters XI, XII, and Part of XIII Future and aorist verbs. Principal parts.

Thrasymachus Chapter XIII Moods of the verb. Aspect. Imperfect tense. Verb review.

Thrasymachus Chapters XIV and XV Present and imperfect passive. Future and aorist passive.

Thrasymachus Chapter XVI Review.

Thrasymachus Chapter XVII Consecutive or result clauses.

Thrasymachus Chapter XVIII Future participles. Subjunctive. Optative. Expressions of purpose.

Thrasymachus Chapters XIX and XX Aorist optative. First person imperative. Definite and indefinite actions.Clauses of fearing.

Thrasymachus Chapter XXI Indirect Speech.

Thrasymachus Chapter XXII Review

Thrasymachus Chapters XXIII and XXIV Genitive Absolute and Accusative Absolute.

Thrasymachus Chapter XXV Perfect and Pluperfect.

Thrasymachus Chapters XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII pri/n clauses. -mi verbs.

Thrasymachus Chapters XXIX and XXX Conditionals. oi}da.

Thrasymachus Chapters XXXI and XXXII Wishes. Deliberations.


"Have patience, my dear. You'll soon be able to read Ancient Greek."

With great gratitude to the VRoma Project for support, encouragement and technical advice, I began to put this supplement to Thrasymachus on-line in the fall of 1999. I completed a three-year project, first editing and presenting Chapters I-XXII, then adding answer keys in pop-up windows for all exercises, next including links to further information relevant to each chapter, and finally writing and refining materials to supplement Chapters XXIII-XXXII. St. Paul's School students of beginning Greek from 2000 to 2004 contributed Greek sayings, with information about their sources, to each section. They graciously suggested corrections and improvements and I am grateful for their help.

Alison Willard Barker

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