c. 535 - 475 BCE

pa/nta r(ei~

 "All things are flowing"

Unlike many of the philosophers of his time, Heraclitus has very little written work. Rather, his ideas are collected in lone sentences which are quoted in other major philosophers. Heraclitus gathered his thoughts in a book called On Nature (peri\ fu/seoj.) Unfortunately very little of this book remains in tact, but his ideas remain. The idea that "All things flow" is still relevant and serves as a reminder that nothing is forever.

(Source: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosopy, General Editor Edward Craig)

pa/nta r(ei~

From the Greek:

pa~j - pa~sa - pa~n (all)

r(e/w (I flow)

L. Deane, St. Pauls' School, 2003