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St. Paul's School Trojan Horse


Images of the Trojan War Myth

Index of Images From Vergil MSS Vat. lat. 3225 and 3867

The Aeneid Image Gallery

Aeneas on the Greek Mythology Link

Image List for Vergil's Thesaurus from VRoma


Combat between Diomedes and Aeneas, red-figure Greek vase

Vulcan and Aeolus, painting by Piero di Cosimo, 1495

Paintings and sculptures of Neptune

Zeus and Thetis (Jupiter and Venus?), painting by Ingres, 1810

Aeneas and Achates on the Libyan Coast, painting by Dossi, 1510

Venus as Huntress Appears to Aeneas, painting by da Cortona

Dido Building Carthage, painting by Turner, 1815

Dido Receiving Aeneas and Ascanius Disguised as Cupid, painting by Solimena, 1720

Aeneas Introducing Ascanius Dressed as Cupid to Dido, painting by Tiepolo, 1757

The Birth of Venus, painting by Boticelli, 1485

Venus and Cupid with a Partridge, painting by Titian, 1550

Venus with Mercury and Cupid, painting by Correggio, 1522


Sculpture of Laocoon and Sons, 1st century, CE.

Laocoon, painting by El Greco, 1608

Archaic Greek relief of the killing of a Trojan youth (Astyanax?) by the Greeks

Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius, black-figure Greek vase

Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius on a Roman Coin

Aeneas and Anchises on a coin

Close-up of Aeneas-Anchises coin

Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius, ancient relief

Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius in fresco by Raphael, 1514

Close-up of Raphael fresco

Bernini sculpture of Aeneas and Anchises, 1618-19

Another view of Bernini sculpture

Aeneas Carrying Anchises, painting by Loo, 1729

The Fall of Troy, Multimedia Path


Dido and Aeneas out hunting, mosaic from Lo Ham Roman villa, 4th Century CE

Mercury Appearing to Aeneas, fresco by Tiepolo, 1757

Another view of Tiepolo fresco

Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneas, painting by Turner, 1850

Aeneas' Farewell to Dido in Cathago, painting by Lorrain, 1676

The Death of Dido, Rubens, 1640, Getty Museum

Death of Dido, pen and ink by Rubens,1601, Bowdoin College

Vergil's Dido, Mutimedia Path


Aeneas in the Underworld, Multimedia Path

Cumaean Sybil, fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sistine Chapel ceiling, 1510

Charon Crossing the Styx, painting by Patenier, 1480-1524


Dido and Aeneas, Henry Purcell

Dido and Aeneas Libretto

Listen to music from Dido and Aeneas

Les Troyens, Hector Berlioz

Les Troyens Score, Indiana University School of Music

Idomeneo, W. A. Mozart

Listen to music from Idomeneo

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