These pages, though they will not be updated, will remain on the web in tribute to Alison Barker (who died in December 2004), a gifted classicist, extraordinary teacher, and highly valued colleague.




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 Restored lyre, British Museum



 Detailed Outline by Book

 Homer's Iliad and Odyssey Page

 Characters and Plot Summary

 Study Guide for Reading Homer's Iliad

 The Homer Homepage

 Summary of Homer's Iliad

  Iliad on AbleMedia

 Iliad Papyrus A

  Iliad Papyrus B



Zeus, coin from Olympia


Greek Mythology Link

 Mythological Background of Homer's Iliad


Head of Diomedes, Capitoline Collection, Rome


 The Homeric Question

 Homeric Questions

 The Homeric Problem

 The Dark Age of Greece

Albert Lord Lectures



 Fresco of Trojan War scene from Pompeii

 Search for Troy, Mycenae, etc. on ARGOS

 Project Troia

 The Archaeology of Hissarlik

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean from Dartmouth College

 Behind the Mask of Agamemnon from Archaeology Magazine

 Was Troy a Hittite Town?

 The Discovery of Troy from

 Controversy over the archaeology of Troy



Soldiers arming by Eeuphronius, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alison W. Barker

October, 2002