te/xnh d' a)na/gkhj a)sqneste/ra makrw|=

Art is far weaker than need

Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound, 514


Extreme Theater's 2002 production of Prometheus Bound.


Aschylus (c. 525 BCE - c. 456 BCE) was the first of the great tragedians of ancient Greece, and he wrote such famous plays as Orestia and Seven Against Thebes. Although the date and author are disputed, Prometheus Bound, a play about a demigod who disobeyed Zeus to give humanity fire and therefore was punished, is said to have been written by Aeschylus in c. 430 BCE. This particular quotation is found when Prometheus, chained to a rock so that a vulture can eat his liver, is discussing with the chorus how or if he will get free.

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E. Schlitz, St. Paul's School, 2002