1. aesclepius.jpg marble sculpture of Asclepius (Aesculapius), location? date?
  2. arch.of.const.01.jpg Arch of Constantine, Rome
  3. arch.of.const.02.jpg Arch of Constantine, Rome
  4. arch.of.const.03.jpg Arch of Constantine, Rome
  5. arch.of.const.04.jpg Arch of Constantine, Rome
  6. athena.jpg marble sculpture of Athena, location? date?
  7. aug.p.p.close.jpg PrimaPorta Augustus, marble sculpture
  8. augustus_head.jpg marble head of Augustus, location? date?
  9. baby_hercules.jpg marble sculpture, infant Hercules, location? date?
  10. bacchanalia.01.jpg Bacchanalia relief, location? date?
  11. bacchanalia.02.jpg Bacchanalia relief, location? date?
  12. bacchus.jpg marble sculpture of Bacchus (Dionysus)
  13. basilica_aem.02.jpg Basilica Aemilianus
  14. caec.inscription.jpg Caecilius inscription
  15. capricorn.jpg Solstizio in Capricorno
  16. cent.rabbit.jpg marble sculpture of Centaur with rabbit, location? date?
  17. centaur.jpg marble sculpture of Centaur, location? date?
  18. ceres.jpg marble sculpture of Ceres, location? date?
  19. chariot.jpg marble 2-horse chariot, location? date?
  20. charioteer.jpg marble charioteer, location? date?
  21. chariots.jpg chariot race relief, location? date?
  22. cicero.jpg marble bust of Cicero, location? date?
  23. cloaca_maxima.jpg Cloaca Maxima (sewer)
  24. cupid.n.psyche.jpg marble Cupid and Psyche, location? date?
  25. curia.04.jpg Curia, Rome
  26. curia.07.jpg Curia, Rome
  27. curia_niche.jpg niche in Curia, Rome
  28. diana.bow.jpg marble Diana with bow, location? date?
  29. marble Diane with dog, location? date?
  30. family_doors.jpg marble relief, family and house exterior with doors location? date?
  31. fasces.jpg marble relief, fasces, location? date?
  32. flood.ant.pi.jpg Temple of Antoninus Pius, statue base with Flood
  33. flood.caesar.jpg Flood with bronze Julius Caesar
  34. flood.t.of.ant.pi.jpg Temple of Antoninus Pius, statue base with Flood
  35. flood.vestal.jpg statues of the Vestal Virgins, Flood
  36. hercules.jpg marble Hercules with Nemean Lion, location? date?
  37. hermes.standing.jpg marble standing Hermes, location? date?
  38. hermes_sitting.jpg marble sitting Hermes, location? date?
  39. house.vest.entrance.jpg House of the Vestals, entrance
  40. laocoon.jpg marble Laocoon, Vatican Museum, Hellenistic (after a c. 200 BC original)
  41. latrina.jpg public latrines, Rome
  42. libation.jpg mosaic, libation, location?
  43. mars.jpg marble Mars, location? date?
  44. medusa.jpg marble bust of Medusa, location? date?
  45. mill.jpg marble relief of mill, location? date?
  46. mill.ostia.jpg Ostia, mill
  47. money.jpg U.S. currency
  48. moons.jpg mosiac, phases of the moon, location?
  49. oculus.jpg Pantheon interior, Rome
  50. odysseus_mast.jpg mosaic, Odysseus tied to the mast, location?
  51. ost.toshewolf.01.jpg marble relief, she-wolf, Ostia
  52. ost.toshewolf.02.jpg marble relief, she-wolf, Ostia
  53. ost.toshewolf.03.jpg marble relief, she-wolf, Ostia
  54. ost.toshewolf.04.jpg marble relief, she-wolf, Ostia
  55. ost.toshewolf.05.jpg marble relief, she-wolf, Ostia
  56. pantheon.inscrip.jpg Pantheon, exterior with Agrippa inscription, Rome
  57. pantheon_interior.2.jpg Pantheon interior, Rome
  58. pantheon_interior.jpg Pantheon interior, Rome
  59. pantheon_lg.jpg Pantheon exterior, Rome
  60. pantheon_side.jpg Pantheon exterior, Rome
  61. pecunia.jpg pecunia humi
  62. perseus.medusa.jpg marble Perseus with Medusa's head, location? date?
  63. pons.01.jpg Bridge (pons)
  64. porta.appia.jpg Porta Appia
  65. prima.porta.jpg marble Prima Porta Augustus
  66. signum.jpg marble relief, signum (standard) with "Roma", "SPQR"
  67. siren.jpg mosaic, Odysseus tied to mast, detail: Siren, location?
  68. statues.of.vestals.03.. marble Vestals
  69. stella.jpg shooting star, location?
  70. t.o.hercules.victor.jpg round temple of Hercules Victor, Rome
  71. tojulius_caesar.jpg Temple of Julius Caesar, Rome?
  72. tomb.Caec.distance.jpg tomb of Caecilius
  73. tomb.Caec.jpg tomb of Caecilius
  74. traj.column.jpg Trajan's Column, Rome
  75. tumulus.close.jpg burial tumulus, location?
  76. tumulus.jpg burial tumulus, location?
  77. venus.cupid.jpg marble Venus with Cupid, location? date?
  78. marble Vestal, Rome?
  79. via.02.jpg via (road)
  80. via.appia.jpg Via Appia (the Appian Road or Way)
  81. view_to_palatine.jpg view towards the Palatine Hill

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