Building in VRoma: Introduction and Overview

What does building on the VRoma MOO actually involve?




This tutorial, designed for VRoma community members, will take you through this process step-by-step.

Building on VRoma is a 4-step process:

  1. Acquiring a building permit and building site
  2. Planning your building:
    • planning rooms: how many sections or “rooms” does the building or other area have, and what will these be called?
    • planning exits: how will visitors navigate through these rooms and what will the exits be called?
    • writing descriptions for each of the rooms
    • planning and describing details and other kinds of enhancements (e.g. images and links to web sites) for the rooms
  3. Building: actually creating the main parts of your building on the MOO
  4. Adding descriptions and other enhancements to your rooms: this includes adding html details and links to images and other on-line resources to your rooms, as well as the addition of other MOO objects such as texts for your students.
Each of these steps will be covered in more detail as you go through this tutorial. See the next page for further explication of the terms “room”, “exit” and “building”.
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