Building in VRoma: the Building Process

Once you have designed your building and received your permit, you are ready to log into the MOO and start building!




Read all instructions output by the MOO very carefully. Most mistakes are the result of hitting return without entering any data, even though the MOO has prompted you for a name or description.

  • Log into the MOO and proceed to your designated building site. It is very important that you start building from the correct room, i.e. your designated “start room”. Otherwise, you will encounter permissions problems.
  • After you have entered your start room, type @build.
  • This command creates 3 things: a new room, the exit from your present room to the new room and the exit from the new room to your present room. Thus, the MOO will prompt you for 3 pieces of information:
    1. a NAME for your new room
    2. the name of the EXIT to your new room (from the room you are currently in). The MOO will refer to this as the ENTRANCE
    3. the name of the EXIT from your new room (to the room you are currently in)
  • To use our sample house from the previous page as an example, let's say you want to start by creating the Cubiculum. After you have arrived at the Atrium (your start room), you type @build. When the MOO asks for a NAME for the room, you type Cubiculum. When the MOO asks for the name of ENTRANCE to your room, you type east. When the MOO asks you for the name of the EXIT from the room, you type west.
  • The MOO will then inform you that you now own 3 new “objects”: a room and 2 exits, and will provide some information about them.
  • If you type ‘look’ (or click on ‘look again’ in the web window), you will see that the exit to your new room has been added to the description of the room you are in.
  • Now you are ready to describe your new room, add objects to it, and add web links.
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