Instructions: Log into the VRoma MOO ( and proceed to Rome. Exit via the Porta Capena. Travel down the Appian Way and find the answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the nickname of the Appian Way?
  2. Where did the Appian Way originally end and to what city was it later extended?
  3. Identify: Horace, Maecenas
  4. What is a caupo?
  5. What famous event took place on the Clivus Martius?
  6. Who or what is Corvus and why is he buried along the Appian Way?
  7. Name some of the towns en route. Searching the Net, can you find any information on them?
  8. How far between Rome and Capua?
  9. With what event in Roman history is Capua associated?
  10. Extra credit question: What individual from Roman history died at Brundisium?
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